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About us

Welcome to Wonky Pot Tea and Herb Company!

I’m Kate, that’s me on the right, Mum, Diane is on the left and together in the summer of 2012 we created Wonky Pot Tea and Herb Company.

Tea and herbs have always been a constant companion to our family. Knowledge and teachings of their powers and pleasure have been passed down for 3 generations. Starting with my Great Grandmother, whose command of the power of herbs and natural remedies was unequalled, she treated the ailments and complaints of all her family members or friends using nature’s bounty. And so, a chain of knowledge was born passing down her wisdom to her children, amongst whom was my Nana, who in turn passed these teachings on to my mother who inevitably passed them on to me.

This background mixed with an unquenchable thirst and love for tea and herbs, led mum to create her own tea blends about 10 years ago. As her passion grew, so did her pantry supplies and queue of family and friends waiting eagerly to taste wonderful nectar of her magical brews. The final product is what we have to offer to you, artisan micro-blend teas, containing responsibly sourced ingredients and a whole lot of love.

But it doesn’t end there, for if tea is our Yin then food is our Yang. 

Since childhood, tugging at my mums apron, I have always had a curiosity and a love for food and my thoughts are very rarely beyond what my next meal is going to be. To me, herbs and spices are equally as important in cooking as any other ingredient; they can turn a simple recipe of humble beginnings into a thing of pure joy and indulgence. So we have spent many a happy hour experimenting in the kitchen to offer you the best array of culinary herbs, spices and blends.

We have always tried to stay in tune with nature and all that it has to offer, leading our lives as naturally as possible. With this in mind and to ensure A Purely Natural Taste we are passionate that all our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who aim to maintain healthy growing conditions and ecosystems without the use of artificial chemical fertilizers or resorting to pesticides, and we take great care to preserve the integrity of the pure flavours, colours and aromas of these herbs, spices and teas.

We hope that you enjoy our teas and herbs.

Lots of love,

Kate and Diane

P.S. Our story continues.... In March this year, we were lucky enough to find a gorgeous little shop in the middle of our home village, Wickham, in Hampshire. So, we rolled our sleeves up and roped in family and friends to help us turn this 600 year old building into our Wonky home, to create an emporium of tea and culinary inspiration. So, please do pop in any time you're passing... we always have yummy things for you to try!

Wonky Pot Tea & Herb Company, 13 The Square, Wickham, Hampshire, PO17 5JG


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